Critical Thinking?


The first book in the Prakhsis Classics series is called Critical thinking? – Introduction to Navigating the irrational.

Who should read it and why?

This book is for you:

The world of business doesn’t seem to fit yours and you find the idea to live according to business terms unacceptable.

The central theme of this book is critical thinking, a popular term in business nowadays. Our aim is to provide perspective and insight directly from  traditional doctrines or through the greatest thinkers for you to change things.

The take-away of the book is simple: business doesn’t provide context for distinguished personalities; it is distinguished personalities that must provide context for business.

Some more stuff from  the book:

  • why the business environment is irrational
  • why it’s impossible to act rationally in an irrational environment
  • concrete examples of negative influences on world-views, thinking and behavior
  • business myths (leadership, culture, pragmatism, growth, careers and others) and how they liquidate identities
  • why acting authentically is key to acting rationally – a useful definition of identity is also provided
  • personal practices from  the masters

If interested, you can get the book here or if you prefer the ebook version, it’s available here.



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